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5 Computer Repair Tips to Speed Up Your Computers

Your computer is the first thing you talk to in the morning. It is also the last thing you talk to at night. For many of us today, this is our lifeline and financial support. When it starts moving slower, we all get frustrated. Senor iPhone is your trusted resource for iOS and Mac computer repair. Our certified specialists provide top-notch computer repairs and laptop repairs. 

We have all the technical support to resolve any frustrating issues you may have. If you are using Windows 8 or 10 and have issues, we have a few tips on handling it. This way you can deal with creakingly slow computers. It will keep your blood pressure intact and get you back on your merry way.

1. Uninstall the Programs You Do Not Use

Computers have pre-installed programs, which you might ever use. They slow your computer down from day one. We call them bloatware, crapware, junkware and is often self-advertising. This is for whoever you purchase your computer from. It may be an effort between the big box store and a software company. Old computers can accrue this over time which may need computer repair Las Vegas. Several of these you will never use. They are slowing your computer down. To remove this bloatware, you can stop them from the control panel. There are several software programs as well.

2. Delete Your History Always

Every time you surf the Internet, history remains on your computer. There is a lot of unneeded trash when you install something. This stays and takes up space and slow down your computer. Follow these steps to get rid of that packaging. Go to my computer and then to the main drive. You will find the temp folder. Go to options and choose details. Once you have finished this, select all files older than today. Computer repair is not needed if you clear the recycle bins.

3. Delete Unnecessary Start-Up Programs

To optimize your computer’s performance, consider removing unnecessary startup programs. Access the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), navigate to the “Startup” tab. Disable programs you don’t need to launch at boot. This can improve boot times and overall responsiveness. Prioritize essential applications and services while disabling ones that are redundant or rarely used. Always exercise caution when disabling programs to avoid computer repair Las Vegas.

4. Dust and Vacuum

You need to dust and vacuum your computer regularly. Computers suck up a lot of dust through the cooling fan and clog the airflow. They run their best when they run cold. This airflow needs to be clear to keep your computer or laptop from overheating and slowing it down. Turn your computer off and wait for thirty minutes. Your household vacuum on the lowest setting can store the dust inside your computer. Another option is canned air to blow out dust once a week to avoid computer repairs.

5. Increase Storage on Computers

To expand your computer’s storage, you can add an external hard drive. This offers extra space for files, backups, and data. It also boosts your storage capacity without replacing your internal drive. Alternatively, upgrading the internal drive to a larger HDD or SSD is an option if your device allows it. Remember to back up data before any changes. Cloud storage services, like Google Drive or Dropbox, are handy for offloading files. Regularly delete unneeded files and uninstall unused programs to optimize space. This will help you avoid any computer repair Las Vegas.


Implementing these five computer repair tips can significantly enhance the speed. These practices not only boost speed but also contribute to better system stability and longevity. Remember that regular maintenance and a proactive approach to computer care. Our computer repair service will help you get to that lost data. Using the Internet or accessing email, Senor iPhone does it all. We are an experienced team with hardware, software virus removal, and troubleshooting.

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