6 Reasons Why You Need iPhone Battery & Screen Replacement Service

iPhone battery and screen replacement

Battery and screen are the most important peripherals of the iPhone. There is a misconception among laymen; its repairing costing is equivalent to the price of the new iPhone. Our prices for battery and screen replacement are minimal (Check here). In this blog, we have shared some reasons to get your iPhone fixed.

Screen Replacement

iPhone screen replacement

Below are the top 3 reasons to opt for battery replacement service:

Damaged Screen Can Hamper Your First Impression

An age-old adage says “ Your first impression is your last”. Say suppose, you are in a meeting with a potential client and your phone rang, he saw your iPhone’s shattered screen just think about what would be your impression in his mind? Give it a thought once. Refusing or delaying spending $ 100 can cost you 100 times more in the long run. If you are looking for a genuine iPhone repair shop then look no further. Senor Phone provides an iPhone screen replacement service at an affordable price.

Damaged Screen Is Injurious To Your Health

A cracked iPhone screen is potent to injure you in many ways. A cracked screen has sharp edges, it can bruise your ears or chin easily. Moreover, it becomes almost impossible to read the text on the screen and causes undue strain on the eyes as you try to decipher the text underneath the cracks.  Tell me one thing, is your health costlier than $ 100? Quantify the cost of repair and your health then take the decision.

Broken Screen Reduces Resale Value

In case if you are looking for an upgrade and want to sell or trade your old iPhone whose screen is shattered then you need to repair it first to get a handsome resale value.

Battery Replacement

iPhone battery replacement

Below are the top 3 reasons to opt for battery replacement service:

Battery Health Check (From Settings)

Unlock your phone, open Settings, tap on the battery, go to Battery Health and see find the Maximum Capacity. Adjacent to the Maximum Capacity section you will find percentages. It indicates the battery’s health, lower the percentage, deteriorated will be the health of a battery. If the battery’s health is worst you may see a notification (on top of the same window) that indicates service/replace your iPhone’s battery.

You will also agree with us that this is the most easiest and quickest way to check the battery health of your iPhone.


One of the obvious signs of a faulty battery is overheating. If your phone catches heat while charging then you need to run for a battery replacement. Don’t delay or refuse, it may affect other components of your phone.

Unexpected Shutdown

When you find your iPhone shuts down unexpectedly even when the battery is charged then give it a try to calibrate the battery. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do it:

  1. Use your iPhone until shuts down due to low battery
  2. Plug the charger and let it charge fully.
  3. Soft reset your iPhone

Once you do it, use your iPhone for a prolonged time. If it still shuts down unexpectedly then you must consider replacing the battery.  

Summing Up

It is always better to repair it now than later otherwise you may have to spend more. In the worst case, you have to replace your iPhone. To prevent the same, visit the best iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas and get screen/battery replacement service for your iPhone.

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