7 Essential Phone Accessories And Where To Get Them From

You might find a Unicorn faster than you’ll find a person without a smartphone. The rapid developments in technology promise new and improvised smartphones every day. Cell Phones market is one of the highest revenue generating sectors in the world. With reduced cellphone maintenance costs, the focus of the global market has now shifted to Mobile Phone Accessories.

Mobile Phone Accessory demands have soared to an all time high. And the credit should go to the active and outgoing lifestyle of the smartphone users. Cellphones with longer battery life and better features allow the users more outdoor time. But this lifestyle also comes with its own set of challenges for the safety and durability of the smartphones.

This is where Mobile Phone Accessories come into the bigger picture. The main purpose of these accesories is the safety and security of the Mobile Phones. Accessories like Phone Cases and Screen Protectors help you take better care of your phones and take full advantage of all its features. It could very well be said that the addition of proper accessories adds to the overall usability of your smartphones.

Now that it has been established that different Phone Accessories serve different functions, let us take a look at seven of the most innovative and useful Phone Accessories in the market today.

Hands-Free Kit

A Hands-Free Kit allows a person to use their cell phone while driving or while accomplishing other tasks. Even though it is not recommended to use your phone, there are situations you can not avoid. Hence, a good hands-free kit helps in ensuring your safety. Now keep in mind that a good hands-free kit is the one that promises Comfort, Design, Durability and Sound Quality.

Travel Charger/ Power Bank

There are times when we find ourselves stranded in the middle of the city with very little to no battery left on our Smartphones. A Travel Charger or a Power Bank is one of the most reliable sources of power if you have a long journey or an outdoor event planned.


Of all the things that make life easier, the popularization of Bluetooth has been phenomenal.

Bluetooth is a device that adds additional capabilities to your smartphone. A bluetooth enabled smartphone can establish a wireless connection with other Bluetooth devices. With Bluetooth, you can effectively and immediately eliminate the need for wires and cables from your daily routine.

Antenna booster

An Antenna Booster significantly helps in increasing the signal reception of your smartphone. Such devices come in handy while you’re out camping in the forests or just hiking your way around the mountains.

Data cable

A good Data Cable helps you transfer files and data between your smartphone and computer. It is useful when your phone is running out of storage space.

Phone Cases

A Smartphone Case is one of the most widely used phone accessories that provides adequate and exhaustive protection for your smartphones. It keeps your phones safe from dents, scratches, broken screen and water related damage.

Screen Guard

A Screen Guard or Screen Protector is a fibreglass or tampered glass cover for your smartphone screen that protects your phone from scratches and cracking on impact.

It is true that some Accessories are designed for security and some for safety and some just to add that little bling and style to your smartphone. There are a lot of places you can find the aforementioned Accesories but no other outlet would guarantee prices as low as Senor iPhone, Las Vegas.

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