A Definitive Guide To Fixing iPad, iPhone, Or Any Other Phone Near You

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Is your iPhone troubling you? Don’t know what’s wrong with it? Then, this article is for you! Here, you will know what to do if your screen iPhone’s screen gets damaged or the battery draining quickly. Read this article and thank us later! 

Senor Phone: iPhone/iPad Repair Shop Near You

At Senor Phone in Las Vegas, we offer a holistic repair service for all brands of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. If your gadget has put you in the trouble then bring it to our store and get it repaired. Our repair services restore your gadget in such a way it functions like brand new. Read more about our top iPhone repair service here: 

Screen Replacement

Having a cracked iPhone screen is no less than a nightmare as it invites heavy expenses. Wait, we have some ways that save can your bucks. Do you know you can buy a screen repairing kit online? This kit comes with all the tools and spare parts that are required to mend your iPhone. What if you end up damaging your phone? If it happens, you need to pay a heavy price for your mistake. Better to take your mobile to Senor Phone, to locate us on maps, search ‘fix iPhone near me’. 

Battery Replacement

How one can know whether you need a battery replacement or not? Battery draining quickly, correct? That’s the obvious sign! Apart from that? Any idea? Let me tell you now, slow performance is also a sign of deteriorated health of a battery. Apple has admitted that they have slowed down the performance of processors of older iPhones to prevent the overwhelming battery and unexpected shutdown. In this case, you have two choices, either to buy a new iPhone or replace the battery. In my opinion, replacing the battery would be pocket-friendly. And Senor Phone is the best store for the same. We can replace it in less than 30 minutes! Lightning Speed, Ah?

Summing Up

In final words, we would like to tell you that screen damage and the old battery is not considered as a major issue.  Get it repaired and save $1000. If you are looking for the best store that can fix your iPhone nearby, look no further, visit Senor Phone today! 

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