all you need to know about las vegas repair shops

All You Need To Know About iPhone/iPad Repair Shop In Las Vegas

You will find many iPhone/iPad repair shops in Las Vegas and the surrounding area where they claim to fix your phone perfectly. But those are hollow promises, they don’t transform their words into practice. We, at Senor Phone, do what it takes to fix your iPhone as promised by our team. Our team of technicians knows how to repair your phone completely. You can judge our expertise by reading the below article

Services Offered By iPhone/iPad Repair Shop In Las Vegas

Below is the list of services that we deal into:

Screen Replacement

The screen is the most delicate part of any smartphone. Despite being toughened it is prone to scratches and breakage. Did you break your screen too? Are you looking for ways to fix it by yourself? You will end up spending more money. How much does a professional iPhone fix cost you? What do you think? Find our prices here. Gone are the days when screen replacement was cost as equivalent to the price of the new phone.     

You might think to use the phone just the way it is (with a cracked screen) and upgrade it later. But my friend, you are on the losing side. As we all know, a screen is made from glass, when it’s cracked it is as sharp as a knife so, it may bruise your ear while talking over a phone. If you continue using it can damage the digitizer (it converts touch into electric signals) also. 

Back Glass Repair

Backglass is housing for electronic components and cameras. In previous models of iPhones, the body was either made of plastic or aluminum. There was a quality issue with the plastic body and the aluminum body wasn’t compatible with wireless charging. So, Apple rolled out glass housing in newer models. If it gets broken, better to take it to the expert than finding DIY on Google and trying to repair it by yourself, you may end up damaging the camera. We fix the iPhone’s back glass by employing Laser technology. We remove shattered back glass by evaporating it in such a way that not a single speck of glass is left behind. 

iPhone Carrier Unlock

When you buy an iPhone from a specific career or official Apple store it comes with a locked career. In layman’s terms, it means neither you can use others’ career service, nor can you change SIM while traveling abroad. If you want to change your cellular network provider then you need to get it unlocked first. It is only possible that either you have made full payment of your phone or your contract with a career company has come to an end. Once it is unlocked, you can switch to other cellular networks without any restrictions. Our iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas can unlock your iPhone or Samsung phone within 30 minutes. 

Wrapping Up 

Nowadays, the iPhone fix is affordable and quick. Don’t hold yourself back, find the best iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas and get your phone repaired. If you are busy, call us at +1 (702)-330-0725 and we will visit you and fix your phone on the spot.

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