4 Most Common Samsung Issues That Need Professional Repairs

4 Most Common Samsung Issues That Need Professional Repairs

Not every phone’s performance is guaranteed to last a lifetime. After a while, the performance of our phone begins to deteriorate. Be it the battery, the screen, or another component of the phone, we’ve all had problems with it at some point. It will happen eventually, regardless of the phone brand you are using. Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung phone, or another phone, the problems persist and never seem to go away.

Consider the Samsung phone as an example. What do you do when you start facing issues with your Samsung phone? It’s not always easy to figure out what to do when your Samsung phone stops working. Many people think they need to contact the manufacturer and try to get a replacement, while others will decide to repair Samsung phone and find a cheaper cost solution with someone else. However, some more common problems happen with Samsung devices that you might want to keep in mind when this happens.

Cracked Screen

No matter how strong is your phone’s screen, if it hits the ground, it will get cracked instantly. And a cracked phone screen is not pleasing to the eyes and fingers. This is by far the most prevalent smartphone issue. When we talk about Samsung’s screen, they are made of Gorilla glasses which is thinner and more fragile than other types of glass. If you drop your phone, the screen is likely to crack or shatter. 

Attempting to fix it yourself could end up costing you more money in the long run. As a result, hence, it is preferable to seek expert assistance, where qualified and certified technicians can repair your phone and restore its original appearance.

Water Damage

Even if you have a waterproof smartphone, water damage is still a possibility. Smartphone internal components are extremely delicate, and water damage can result in a variety of issues, including short circuits, corrosion, and motherboard damage. Hence, if your phone has been exposed to water, you must get it repaired as quickly as possible. A professional will be able to determine the extent of the damage and make the required repairs.

Battery Damaged or Not Charging

Samsung phone charging is a common problem. The battery may not hold a charge as well as it used to, or it may drain very quickly. Even if you charge your phone all night, your device will continue to alert you that it needs to be charged. Isn’t it a pain in the neck? This can be a big problem, as it can make it difficult to use the device for long periods of time. If your phone’s battery starts to swell up or leak, it’s best to take it to a professional for repairs.


Samsung phones are also prone to overheating. Several factors can contribute to this, including prolonged use of your phone or overnight charging. If your phone overheats, it could harm the battery and other components. Hence, you must not disregard it and seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

If you have any other problems with your Samsung phone, you should have it repaired by a professional. Samsung phones are sophisticated and fragile, so if you have any issues with them, you should seek professional assistance.

Professional Samsung Phone Repair in Las Vegas

Smartphones are prone to malfunctioning over time and use. At Senor iPhone, we have a team of expert and skilled technicians who offer prompt and reliable Samsung phone repair in Las Vegas. We use only genuine products to repair your phones. All our repair works come with a warranty. Hurry now to get an exciting deal on repair service. Don’t just browse through our website, visit our store and get it repaired. 


7 Essential Phone Accessories And Where To Get Them From

You might find a Unicorn faster than you’ll find a person without a smartphone. The rapid developments in technology promise new and improvised smartphones every day. Cell Phones market is one of the highest revenue generating sectors in the world. With reduced cellphone maintenance costs, the focus of the global market has now shifted to Mobile Phone Accessories.

Mobile Phone Accessory demands have soared to an all time high. And the credit should go to the active and outgoing lifestyle of the smartphone users. Cellphones with longer battery life and better features allow the users more outdoor time. But this lifestyle also comes with its own set of challenges for the safety and durability of the smartphones.

This is where Mobile Phone Accessories come into the bigger picture. The main purpose of these accesories is the safety and security of the Mobile Phones. Accessories like Phone Cases and Screen Protectors help you take better care of your phones and take full advantage of all its features. It could very well be said that the addition of proper accessories adds to the overall usability of your smartphones.

Now that it has been established that different Phone Accessories serve different functions, let us take a look at seven of the most innovative and useful Phone Accessories in the market today.

Hands-Free Kit

A Hands-Free Kit allows a person to use their cell phone while driving or while accomplishing other tasks. Even though it is not recommended to use your phone, there are situations you can not avoid. Hence, a good hands-free kit helps in ensuring your safety. Now keep in mind that a good hands-free kit is the one that promises Comfort, Design, Durability and Sound Quality.

Travel Charger/ Power Bank

There are times when we find ourselves stranded in the middle of the city with very little to no battery left on our Smartphones. A Travel Charger or a Power Bank is one of the most reliable sources of power if you have a long journey or an outdoor event planned.


Of all the things that make life easier, the popularization of Bluetooth has been phenomenal.

Bluetooth is a device that adds additional capabilities to your smartphone. A bluetooth enabled smartphone can establish a wireless connection with other Bluetooth devices. With Bluetooth, you can effectively and immediately eliminate the need for wires and cables from your daily routine.

Antenna booster

An Antenna Booster significantly helps in increasing the signal reception of your smartphone. Such devices come in handy while you’re out camping in the forests or just hiking your way around the mountains.

Data cable

A good Data Cable helps you transfer files and data between your smartphone and computer. It is useful when your phone is running out of storage space.

Phone Cases

A Smartphone Case is one of the most widely used phone accessories that provides adequate and exhaustive protection for your smartphones. It keeps your phones safe from dents, scratches, broken screen and water related damage.

Screen Guard

A Screen Guard or Screen Protector is a fibreglass or tampered glass cover for your smartphone screen that protects your phone from scratches and cracking on impact.

It is true that some Accessories are designed for security and some for safety and some just to add that little bling and style to your smartphone. There are a lot of places you can find the aforementioned Accesories but no other outlet would guarantee prices as low as Senor iPhone, Las Vegas.

At Senor iPhone, you can find a collection of some of the most affordable and durable Phone Accessories in the market. Just visit one of our outlets on South Rainbow Boulevard or Spring Mountain Road or talk to our experts online. Browse through our catalogue of Phone Accessories from the website from the comfort of your house and find yourself the best deals and discounts on a range of products.

phone cases

Pick the Perfect Phone Case for your Samsung and iPhone

phone case

There are hundreds of options available to pick from when it comes to phone cases. So, how do you pick the best case for your iPhone or Samsung? We see new types of cases releasing every day. Some adding to the functionality of the phone, some making it look more attractive while some adding the protection that can protect your device from different kinds of accidents.

The real question is, what do YOU really want? Different types of smartphone cases serve different purposes. If you’re someone whose hands keep betraying them while holding the smartphone, it’s better to considering buying a rugged protective case than buying a visually attractive one. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something attractive and think that you can handle your phone without extra protection, you can go for a stylish phone cover.

If you’re not sure what to buy, we’ll help you figure out how to pick the best case for your iPhone, Samsung or any other smartphone. Here are some things to keep in mind to find the perfect phone case and what your purpose should be:

Protecting the smartphone from accidents and impacts

As a phone repair shop in Las Vegas, one of the most common causes for phone problems that we see with our customers is dropping the phone. Smartphones nowadays are very durable considering how much they’ve evolved in terms of functionality and usability, they’re fragile nonetheless. So, if you want to ensure your phone’s survival through minor accidents that occur daily, you should go for a rugged armour case.

Consider your requirements

People from all parts of world and all kinds of profession have a smartphone. We can’t say that one type of phone case should be suitable for all in general, can we? Which is why, it’s important to consider the environment you live in and your daily routine.

Let’s say for example you’re a swimmer. Of course, you don’t take your phone inside the pool, but being a swimmer, you sure will have a lot of exposure of water even outside the pool. So, to protect your phone from occasional splashes, you might consider slapping on a waterproof phone case. Yes, waterproof cases are a thing and they’re super useful. While they won’t give your smartphone 100% protection against water, it provides a great deal of protection.

On the other hand, if you’re a businessman, you might not need a waterproof case per se. Instead, you might consider buying a classy, leather-flip cover that will give your phone a corporate look.

If you’re a construction worker, your phone would require way more protection than a businessman’s phone. So, the ideal choice for you would be a rugged armour case.

Final Step

The final step for you would be to visit Senor iPhone. Once you figure out what type of phone case you want, you can visit Senor iPhone and buy from the best phone cases available right now.

We also repair iPhones, Samsung, iPads and other gadgets.

Fix My iPhone

Most Common iPhone Problems That We Can Fix in Las Vegas

Repair My iPhone Las Vegas

Looking for someone who can fix your iPhone in Las Vegas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. It’s alright if you get yourself into a situation where your iPhone stops responding to you as it used to. All relationships see rough patches, don’t they? Yes, what you and your iPhone have is nothing less than a relationship. Unlike other relationships though, your iPhone won’t hurt you intentionally.

It’s understandable that you get into an accident and something goes wrong with your iPhone. There’s no need to put yourself through a chaotic time. We will repair your iPhone in Las Vegas in no time. iPhone problems like screen repair, battery replacement, housing replacement, charging port repair, speaker repair/replacement, etc. can be fixed in 30 minutes. All you have to do is check the availability online and book an appointment.

So, how do these iPhone problems occur? These iPhone problems are prone to circumstances and just the way how this world works. No one and nothing in the world are perfect, so aren’t iPhones. Technical issues can occur and there will be times when the situations slip out of your hands. Here are some of the incidents and problems which could your iPhone to dysfunction. Senor iPhone will fix your iPhone in Las Vegas for all these cases and more:

Dropped iPhone

This has to be the number one cause of iPhone dysfunction. No matter how capable us humans are, we aren’t perfect. As the screens are the most fragile part in any phone, dropping an iPhone can cause the iPhone screen to break. A cracked screen won’t look good on your iPhone, neither will you find your iPhone that welcoming to use. Don’t worry, Senor iPhone repair your iPhone screen in Las Vegas.

Damaged or Scratched Back Glass

iPhones have improved a great deal since the launch of the very first iPhone. As the technology inside has progressed, the outside and housing has also evolved. We’ve transitioned from plastic backs to glass backs. And as we know, glasses attract way more scratches than plastic. The glasses too have evolved and succeeded a great deal in keeping away the scratches. But they still can’t wear off the scratches entirely.

A scratched iPhone back glass would look really bad. So, instead of suffering from your friends and colleagues taunting you, get in touch with us and Senor iPhone fix your iPhone back glass in Las Vegas.

Dust, Dirt or Water Inside the iPhone

The iPhones nowadays have IP ratings, which refer to their ability to keep away the dirt and water from affecting the functionality and appearance of your iPhone. Still, the nature has its way of penetrating things that are out of the human understanding. So, no need to break your head into how the water or dirt got into your phone and let us fix that problem for you. Whether it’s the dirt in your iPhone’s charging socket or water damage, Senor iPhone will repair your iPhone in Las Vegas in no time.

Senor iPhone is one of the best phone repair shops in Las Vegas. We’ve been fixing gadgets like phones, iPods, laptops, computers, gaming consoles, etc. for years. And if you’re looking for phone accessories, Senor iPhone sells all kinds of phone accessories at discounted price.

So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and book an online appointment at your suitable time or drop by at our shop.

iphone case - phone case

How To Find The Best Phone Case For Secret Santa Gift

iphone case - phone case

Have you ever been acquainted with someone who dislike gifts? Naah? Neither do we! On odd days we often forget to surprise our loved ones but Christmas is an opportunity to make your loved one feel special with a gift. It doesn’t mean you have to present them with a new car or a house. We know your loved one values your emotions, not the price tag of the gift. A gift is something that reminds them of you every moment. What’s better than a phone case? People always keep their phones around them, a phone case will surely remind them of you.

If you have made mind to buy a phone case for a Secret Santa gift then keep the following things in mind before buying:

Protection Offered

Every phone case offers a varying degree of protection against bumps and scratches. How sturdy the Case is, will depend on the material used. Our heart comes to the mouth when it falls on the ground. Whether it is iPhone or Samsung both are vulnerable to breakage. But having a phone cover can absorb the impact and save your loved one’s phone.

Additional Features   

Look for the feature your loved one would love to use. There are many features to choose from. Here is the list of some of the hot-favorite features of a phone case:

  • Battery Pack
  • Pocket to keep credit card/cash
  • Earphone holder
  • Airpods holder
  • Stand (For handsfree binge-watching)

Choose the phone case of your loved one considering their habits. This special feature gives a touch of personalization and, believe us, this is  gonna spark a pool of emotion for you because you cared for their inclination.

Inclusive of Screen Protector

The more you use your smartphone, you are more likely to drop it. If your loved one is someone who keeps their smartphone around 24/7 then you opt for a case that comes with a screen protector. You may find it relatively more costly but it is worth spending. It is better to spend money on prevention than mending a screen.

Materials Used

A Phone Case comes in a variety of materials such as Silicone, TPU, Leather, and polycarbonate. Each of these materials has unique characteristics and finish. To select the best Cover for your dear friend or parents then you should know their choice. We know it is difficult but can’t help it. If it is really confusing then don’t hesitate to ask them straightforwardly.

Case Styling

There are many options available in the market to choose from. Likewise, Back Plate case, Wallet Case, Vertical Flip Case, and Shockproof. Case styling should be such that it must sync with your lifestyle. For example, if someone has rough use then they should consider buying flip covers which safeguard the screen and body as well.

Bottom Line

We know it is quite a challenging case to choose a perfect phone case for your beloved but you should pass through it and that is how you will make them feel special. Buy iPhone Case or Samsung Case from Senor iPhone store only. We have a surprise for you. Visit our store to know more.

phone accessories

Phone Accessories: Best Christmas Gift for Your Loved Ones

phone accessories

The clock is ticking, Christmas is around the corner. This is the time to express how much you care for your loved ones. Is there any better way to express your feelings than presenting Phone Accessories? Your spouse, parent, friends, and teenager everyone has a smartphone. Isn’t it? Besides, Phone Accessories have evolved a lot. See what recommendations we have for them. We are very sure your loved one will appreciate it:

Fast Charger

Our life is full of hustle and bustle, in this busy schedule we don’t have much time to let the phone charge. A fast charger is a Phone Accessory that fuel-up your smartphone quickly. Traditional chargers are 2.5W but fast chargers range from 15W to 65W. These chargers save a lot of time as a result you don’t have to wait.

Power Bank

A power bank is also known as Portable Charger. As the name sounds it is ‘portable’ which means you can charge your device on the go. Though it has limited capacity but enough to charge your phone twice or more. Nowadays, the use of power banks is on the rise due to our dependability on smartphones and increasing travel.

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTag is a small circular tracking device that connects with your iPhone over Bluetooth. As the name suggests, you can tag AirTags with your expensive belongings and track their location if misplaced. It is widely used for locating car/house keys and the best part is, it is customizable. You can get imprinted your favorite emoji or initials of your name on it. Isn’t it cool?

Car Mount

Have you ever been fined for using your phone while driving? Yeah? This is a money-saving Phone Accessory for you. Just mount it on the windshield and you are good to go. Enjoy hands-free calling and navigate easily with Google or Apple Maps without taking your eyes off from the road.

Water-Proof Mobile Pouch

The Water-Proof mobile pouch is a must-have Phone Accessory. Undoubtedly it protects your phone from moisture, rain, dust, and snow also. Yes! You read that right. Most of the pouches are snow-resistant and are touch-friendly. Moreover, you can take your phone underwater to click selfies. Your smartphone might be waterproof but it adds another layer of protection. Not only a smartphone, but you can also keep your credit card and cash also. The best part is that it comes in universal size so you don’t have to buy a separate pouch in case if you change your device.

The Bottom Line

Phone Accessories take the mobile experience to another level. Some of them are just showy while others have utility. Choose what suits your loved one and buy the best one.  Senor iPhone is a Phone Accessories Store in Las Vegas. We have a wide range of accessories for your smartphone and all are pocket-friendly. We bet you will get the best quality of accessories only at our store. If you are looking forward to buying a Christmas gift for your loved ones then visit our shop today!


Benefits of Buying a Phone Case


According to Sources, a whopping 45% of smartphone users has broke their phone in 2018 in the USA. Isn’t it jaw-dropping? Humans tend to make mistakes, not much we can do with but we can always foresee the issue and buy insurance before a mishap happens. Yeah! A phone case is more or less insurance however it offers other benefits as well. Let’s dig deeper. 

#1 Multiple Functionality

Gone are the days when the phone case’s functionality was limited to protecting mobile only. In today’s era, mobile covers come in a variety of designs and materials. Thanks to the evolution of designs and availability of a wide range of materials. One can keep a credit card in it. In case you do binge watching then you must get a Case with a Holder. A small handle pops out from the rear which allows you to have a grip and comfortably hold your phone.

#2 Comprehensive Protection

We all have lived a day when nothing goes our way. Have you ever felt so? Out of nervousness, you tend to become clumsy. In this situation, you may end up having butterfingers. A mobile phone can easily fall out from your butterfingers onto the ground. As a consequence, your phone can break into pieces. Having a phone cover ensures that it won’t get damaged. An iPhone or Samsung case can absorb the shock and protect your phone from severe damages.

#3 Aesthetics

A mobile phone’s outer body is made from metals (seldom plastic also). These materials come in very limited colors and textures so they may not suit your personality. Nowadays, phone cases are available in all sorts of colors, materials, and toughness. They not only enhance aesthetics but also protect your phone from bruises and nicks. More importantly, you can get a customized phone cover with a photo of yourself or your loved ones imprinted on it.

#4 Anti-slip

Most of the mobile cases are soft and give you a pleasant experience when touched despite the inherent anti-slip characters. It gives you confidence while holding your phone.

#5 Affordable

Smartphones of the modern era are delicate. Their design is so sophisticated a moderate impact is enough to break it. On top of that, it comes with multiple cameras, glass bodies, edgeless screens, and a heavy price too! It takes virtue to get it repaired. To save some money in the long run, buy a phone case. It would be a wise decision to do so because it saves your hard-earned money.

Over to You

A Phone case is definitely an accessory but not less than the insurance of a high-end smartphone. Before you invest in any of the other accessories we recommend you buy a phone cover of your choice. Senor iPhone offers the top collection of mobile phone accessories & cases at the best price. Visit our store for exciting offers. You can also place an order from our website.

iPhone screen replacement

Unprecedented: How Apple Inc. is Discouraging Screen Replacement in iPhone 13

iPhone screen replacement

On 14th September 2021, Apple launched the much-awaited iPhone 13 series during its live event streaming from California. As expected, the company did not change the design of its phone as they have already introduced a new design just last year with the iPhone 12. It has been a history of Apple Inc. to follow the same design for up to three years in a row.

Soon after the launch, reports erupted on the internet that third-party screen replacement on iPhone 13 causes Face ID detection feature to disable. This is against the Right to repair moreover, it may result in breaking the backbone of the professional repair industry. This is a dark era for iPhone repair technicians and DIYers. Earlier Apple Inc. had introduced alterations in hardware that make repair tasks painstaking. Collectively, it is a clear sign that tech-giant is discouraging iPhone fix and wants customers to spend thousands of dollars on new devices.

Talking more in-depth, one can do a screen swap on iPhone 13 but it requires to transfer microcontroller from the original screen to a third-party screen. In order to do so, technicians require a microscope. Earlier, the same job was being done without any special equipment. It makes it almost impossible to do it for many iPhone repair technicians. On the other hand, a microscope asks for an investment of resources.

After Backlash,

After facing backlashes Apple took a decision to roll out an iOS update that will allow third-party screen replacement without transferring of a microcontroller. But, this tech giant has announced when they are planning to launch it.

However, we also don’t know when exactly they are gonna release it. Don’t worry, we are here to update you once it is released. 

Stay Updated with Related Developments

Apple has rolled out 15.2, macOS Monterey 12.1 updates to users who are developers or participating in the Beta testing program. Apart from iOS 15.2 Apple also released iPadOS 15.2 that offers new features such as app privacy reports, Legacy Contract feature, and many more.

Monterey 12.1 Beta version includes SharePlay (screen sharing), ‘Hide My Email’ option, and many more features. Additionally, Apple also has released watchOS 8.3 beta 2 and tvOS 15.2 beta 3 for public beta testers. These all updates are available for download through the respective settings apps. After ensuring the update is stable they will proceed for official release

Get iPhone Screen Replaced in Las Vegas We, at Senor iPhone, have expertise in replacing iPhone screens. Our technicians are certified and trained to do the most complex repairs with ease. Our speciality is that we fix your iPhone within 30 minutes. Unlike other repair shops we are not involved in profiteering, we charge only for our efforts neither more nor less. If your iPhone’s screen is broken do visit our store. For more information feel free to contact us.

repair my iPhone in Las Vegas

Advantages of Choosing Senor iPhone to Repair Your iPhone in Las Legas

As smartphones are breaking the boundaries of excellence, they’re also becoming complicated to repair when something goes wrong. The question then arises, where do you repair your iPhone in Las Legas? You must be looking out for the best option that checks the boxes like quality of service, cost-efficiency and time-efficiency.

You can rest assured, because we’re here to tell you the benefits of choosing Senor iPhone to repair your iPhone in Las Legas.

Cost Efficient

No matter how much you take care of your gadgets, some accidents are hard to avoid. It’s not like you plan on dropping your iPhone in the water or down the stairs, right?

When they do happen, the first thought that comes to your mind is “I have to take it to the Apple Store and get it repaired,” and that thought is closely followed by another one, “it’s going to cost a fortune.” Am I right or am I right? Wouldn’t you like a cheaper option to repair your iPhone in Las Legas without compromising on the quality of repair?

Apple consumer products and services are great, there’s no doubt about it. But again, the question arises, do you really need to spend a buttload on the repair? Senor iPhone provides high-quality iPhone repair at affordable prices and sells MFi certified accessories.

You can drop by anytime and give it a go yourself, or check out our customer reviews. We’ve helped hundreds of customers get their iPhone back in mint condition without emptying their pocket.

Time Efficient

Imagine a scenario where your iPhone breaks down for some reason and you can’t access the data in it. Your iPhone doesn’t really ask you if it’s a good time to stop working or break down, does it?

In emergency situations like that, you want to choose a place where you can repair your iPhone in Las Legas quickly. iPhone repairs can be costly and take days to repair if you don’t choose the right place to get it done.

When you choose Senor iPhone to repair your iPhone in Las Legas, you get the assurance that your iPhone will be repaired as soon as possible.

We can perform major iPhone repairs like screen replacement, battery replacement, etc., inside 30 minutes.

All you’ll have to do is check online and book an appointment prior. You can bring your iPhone at the given appointment and you’re done. 30 minutes and your phone will be good to serve you again.

Customer Satisfaction

When you choose Senor iPhone to repair your iPhone in Las Legas, we take care of your device like it’s our own. Our goal is to deliver customer satisfaction, which can only be achieved by providing quality and affordable services.

Senor iPhone is the best option to repair your iPhone in Las Legas. Don’t believe us, visit our store and see for yourself. Get the best quality, best prices and quickest services all at once at Senor iPhone. See you soon 🙂

top 3

Top 3 Phone Accessories to Get for Your Smartphone Today

Are phone accessories even useful you ask? Yes, they are dead-useful. Phone accessories enhance your Smartphone experience to a whole new dimension.

There are no doubts that smartphones nowadays are great in terms of performance and delivery. They come with amazing hardware and operating systems that make our lives so much easier.

Although, you can add a lot of value to your Smartphone experience by combining them with suitable, useful and cool phone accessories.

While some phone accessories are produced for some specific Smartphones, there are a lot of phone accessories that are compatible with almost all kinds of Smartphones.

Here we are listing the top three phone accessories that you can buy at Senor iPhone in Las Vegas. These phone accessories enhance your Smartphone experience by adding comfort, protection and accessibility:

1. Power Banks

Portable chargers, aka power banks, are extremely useful for all smartphone users. There is no surprise that power banks are so popular with smartphone users all over the world. It basically relieves you from worrying about your smartphone’s battery!

You can leave your home with 5% battery on your phone and plug your phone into the power bank while traveling to work, and you can click photos on your phone when you’re out exploring nature without having to worry about the battery dying.

Power banks are so useful for every single person who owns a smartphone. At Senor iPhone, you can buy power banks of different capacities and different brands. Explore now.

2. Car Mounts

Do you use your Smartphone to find directions for locations when driving your car? If yes, a car mount is exactly the type of phone accessories that you need.

Smartphone’s and AIs are so accurate nowadays that you can trust them with almost any kind of information. They not only tell you about the quickest routes towards a location that you want to drive to, they also tell you about the traffic and road activity on specific routes.

Although, how difficult is it for you to keep holding your phone and driving? Not everyone has a friend with them all the time who can hold the phone while they drive right?

A car mount is exactly what you need. Choose from a wide range of car mounts from Senor iPhone, install it in your car and drive like a king.

3. Bluetooth Earbuds

Wired in-ear headphones are history now. The era for Bluetooth earbuds has begun. Even the Smartphone manufacturers have stopped including wired headphones in the box.

Why play tangle with wires when there are so many options available to go wireless? At Senor iPhone, you can explore a grand variety of Bluetooth earbuds and buy whatever according to your preferences.

Wrapping up

These are just three from the lot of awesome phone accessories that can take your Smartphone experience from great to legendary.

Senor iPhone is a phone repair shop in Las Vegas which also specializes in repairing iPhones and other Smartphone’s. We can fix your phone in as quick a time as 30 minutes. All you have to do is book an appointment with us online. Also, don’t hold yourself back. Visit our store today and explore the lot of coolest and most useful phone accessories. Hope to see you soon.