4 reasons to get your ipad or iphone repaired in las vegas

4 Reasons To Get Your iPhone/iPad Repaired In Las Vegas, NV

Repair My iPhone iPad

More and more people are being dependent on the Smartphone, from grocery to jewellery, everything is available. Thus, if it gets damaged, our life seems halted. In such situations, we end up making the wrong decision (to buy a new phone). Here are some points which are worth considering and get your iPhone/iPad fixed.

Repairing iPhone/iPad

1. Repairing iPhone/iPad is less time consuming

Whether you are a geek or not, everybody does research before buying a new phone. Agreed or not? We know, you will browse through the internet reading tech blogs, watching influencers’ videos, or at least you will ask your friends to suggest you some latest phones. It all consumes your time and we know you are super busy. After buying a new phone you will be required to transfer all your data to your new phone. Believe us, it is too much hassle if you are not a techie. We recommend you to get your iPad/iPhone repaired. In order to save time, you can book an appointment with us. 

Piggy Bank

2. Don’t Break Your Piggy Bank

Prices of Smartphone’s are touching new heights every year. It would be heavy for your pocket to buy a new phone without planning. You might think about lending a credit but you are very well familiar with processing fees, interest rates, and late payment surcharges. In the end, you will end up spending more. Moreover, you will be required new accessories so, this is an additional cost that you have to bear if you are buying a new phone. If you don’t want to get into economical constraints it is best to fix your iPad/iPhone in Las Vegas. At Senor iPhone, you will get the best deals on repair services.

Utilize iPhone

3. Utilize To The Fullest

Did you really utilize your phone to its fullest? Ask yourself. Give it a thought. Answer this question to yourself genuinely. If you haven’t used your old phone then it would be extravagant to spend money on the new phone. You haven’t depreciated your phone properly, in such cases you should repair it and use it. We are assuring you that it will be feasible for you.

Environmental Issues with iPhone

4. Environmental Issues

Are you an empath? Yes? Then you might have got our point. A huge amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere in the production of a Smartphone. On top of it, some rare earth materials are used, such as niobium and coltan which are mined and processed. It, later on, adds to the pollution so, it is good for all of us to utilize your phone to the fullest before dumping.

What To Do Exactly?

Until now, we have discussed the reasons to opt for repairing your iPhone/iPad instead of buying the new one. However, in the below-mentioned conditions, you should consider replacing your old phone with a new one.

  • Your phone/tablet is irreparable
  • Your phone’s technology is obsolete

If it doesn’t fit in the above conditions, consider Senor iPhone, the best iPhone repair store to get it repaired.

how to choose the best case for your smartphone

How To Choose The Best Phone Case For Your Smartphone?

Choosing the right phone case for your Samsung or iPhone is crucial. Failing to find the right phone cover means your hard-earned money is tossed in the trash. Read the following check-list to confirm whether you are buying an ideal Case or not:

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Phone Case

Usually, what people look at while buying a phone cover for their smartphone is the design. Though the design is one of the factors to be considered, there are other important factors too. Here are a few things that you need to consider before buying a phone case for your iPhone or Samsung Phone.

1. Price

Every commodity has its own intrinsic value. Manufacturers/dealers add their profits on the intrinsic value, we all know that. That is how business functions. But paying way too much higher is foolishness. Do your market research but remember you will get the best offers on iPhone Case at Senor iPhone only.

2. Do Your Market Research 

Let’s say you really liked a Case and the price is also reasonable but wait! Don’t purchase it directly. Ask a friend if they have bought a similar product,  check reviews online on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. If you feel people are satisfied with the product then go for it.

3. Defects

Before buying Samsung Cases, check whether it is tested for quality or not. You will find a sticker with “Ok Tested” most probably on the rear side of the phone case. If it is there buy it immediately, otherwise you need to inspect the quality. Following things you need to check:

  • Design consistency
  • Color consistency
  • The precision of cut-outs for charging port, headphone, lock button, and volume buttons 
  • Stiffness of cover over cut-outs (if any)

4. Protection Provided

The level of protection required depends upon how careful you are while handling your phone. You don’t need to spend much on protection if you are cautious enough. In case you are clumsy, we would recommend you to invest in a Hard Case rather than spending on repairs. A Hard Case is the best fit for you because it can survive a drop on concrete without causing any damage to your phone.

5. Additional Features Provided

Who doesn’t like to have extra? Check, is there any additional feature your desired phone cover provides, if yes, you are lucky. Some cases come with 360* degree hinges, a pop-out stand, a selfie holder, and whatnot. Know what is your requirement and note it down in your checklist.

Let’s Call It An End

If you want to buy a new phone case for your iPhone or Samsung phone then you need to try each case by hand then only you’ll know whether it is perfect or not. Our recommendation is to visit the Senor iPhone store and buy your ideal iPhone Case or Samsung Case from our wide range of Cases.


When You Need To Replace Screen & Battery In Your iPhone

Apple is the world’s largest mobile company. It is well known for its innovation in the making of petite smartphones. Even today, the company is investing after being the leader in the smartphone industry. People prefer to buy to iPhone due to robust battery backup and extra widescreen. But wait, do you know when the battery and screen have to be replaced?

4 Signs You Need Battery Replacement Service ASAP!

Unexpected Shut Down

When the charge is left in the battery but then also your phone gets shut down unexpectedly is a sign of a faulty battery. Try replacing your third-party charger with the original Apple charger. If the problem still persists consider replacing the battery at the earliest.

Your iPhone Is Hitting High Temperature

Your iPhone’s battery generates heat when being charged, this is due to resistance. But, these batteries are engineered to internalize the heat and not to dissipating the same to other electronics components. If you feel your phone is getting hotter then you need to run to replace the batteries because it may explode (happened in some cases).

Your iPhone Getting Sluggish (For iPhone 6 and later models only)

If you are using iPhone or later models, you might have observed that your phone either stops responding or takes relatively more time to execute a particular process. This happens mainly due to the latest feature of the iPhone that prevents overwhelming battery. This feature kicks in only when the battery could not fulfill the energy requirement of the processor.

Your Dead iPhone Got Juice Immediately After Charging

Normally, when iPhone turns on and after 2-3 minutes battery percentage starts to increase.  Pay attention when you keep your iPhone in charging after being dead. If you see 5%  (for example) immediately after turning on, it means the battery has deteriorated. Consider replacing iPhone’s battery now.

iPhone battery replacement

4 Signs You Need To Repair Your iPhone’s Screen Quickly

iPhone screen replacement

Lagging Response

Is your iPhone doesn’t responding? Did you try again? People get confused when the touch screen doesn’t function as it should. They think RAM is overburdened, often the problem lies in the screen. If this is the case with your iPhone, do visit our store and opt for screen replacement.

Touch Malfunctioning

Did you see your iPhone opening random applications without your command? Is iPhone dialing phone numbers? This is not less than a nightmare, right? Don’t worry there is no ghost inside your phone. You just need to get your screen replaced.

Screen Patches

You might have seen small patches on the screen that obstructs your vision. No, that’s not the dirt so don’t try to wash it off (Joking!). This is the major sign of screen failure. It also prevents you from registering the touch. You cannot fix it yourself. The only option left for you is to get a screen replacement service from Senor Phone.

Color quality

iPhone’s screen quality is crystal-clear. You can clearly differentiate between the same color of different shades. If you notice a dull image or some of the color doesn’t seem as it should. Then, it is a sign of the screen with reduced ability to adjust a variety of color brightness.

That’s All From From Our End

If you notice any of the signs with your iPhone then connect with us for iPhone screen or battery replacement. We can fix it within 30 minutes, within your budget, and assured quality.


How To Fix Your iPad/iPhone At Home

Is your phone not working properly? Want to know how to fix your iPhone/iPad? Read this article and know how to troubleshoot your phone. Generally, people try to fix their iPhone at home without having expertise and end up damaging it so, here is our article that guides you to repair your phone.

Common iPhone/iPad Problems And Their Solutions

From our experience, we have short-listed some common iPhone/iPad problems and their possible solutions. If these solutions do not work for you then the only option left is to find a phone repair shop near you.

Quick Battery Drain

fix my iPad near me

Users adore iPhone for its battery backup. It lasts quite longer than the android phones of any brand comparatively.  If your iPhone’s battery is draining then here are quick tips to fix it.

  • Turn off location service
  • Update iOS (if available)
  • Turn off push mail
  • Switch to ‘Auto Brightness’ mode
  • Enable low power mode

If the problem still persists then find iPhone/iPad repair shop near you. Don’t try to open the back case of your iPhone yourself, you may end up tampering with the seal. Take your phone to experts and let them do their job.


phone repair shop near me

Do you receive ‘overheating’ notifications often? Yes? Your battery’s health has deteriorated probably. Apple has designed the battery to internalize the heat as opposed to dissipate the heat. If the back case is hot, it means it is dissipating heat. Due to this, you need to replace your battery but wait, try using these hacks to prevent it.

#1 Limit the usage of phone

#2 Don’t use the phone while charging

#3 Uninstall unused apps

#4 Change the charger. Prefer using the original Apple charger

#5 Switch off background refresh

Despite doing everything, if the problem couldn’t get solved, talk to an expert ASAP!

Water Damage

fix iPhone near me

Water spilled iPhone/iPad is no less than a nightmare. Water and electronics do not go hand-in-hand. When your iPhone/iPad falls into the water, you will probably think that it is time to bid farewell to your expensive phone. Hang on! By following these simple steps you save your phone.

  • Turn off your phone quickly
  • Remove SIM tray
  • Don’t keep into a microwave
  • Expose it to direct sunlight
  • Don’t try to turn on or press any button
  • Let it dry for at least 24 hours

After 24 hours try to switch on the phone. If it is working normally, kudos! If not, try searching on Google: Fix iPhone near me.

Not Charging

phone repair shop near me

iPhone/iPad does not get charged happens more often than other problems. Most websites on the internet suggest replacing the battery. But here we recommend you to try troubleshooting your phone as described below:

  1. Try rebooting your iPhone/iPad
  2. Hard reset your phone
  3. Replace lightning cable or power adapter
  4. Brush out the dust or debris from the charging port
  5. Tune into DFU mode and restore your iPhone/iPad to factory settings

If none of the above-suggested solutions works then the last option left is taking your iPhone/iPad to a phone repair shop near you.

Summing Up

We have seen people damaging their high-end iPhones and iPads after reading rubbish DIY articles on the internet. Now as you have read this blog, we are assured that you won’t make the problem worse if not fixing it and your hard-earned money will be saved. 


6 Reasons Why You Need iPhone Battery & Screen Replacement Service

iPhone battery and screen replacement

Battery and screen are the most important peripherals of the iPhone. There is a misconception among laymen; its repairing costing is equivalent to the price of the new iPhone. Our prices for battery and screen replacement are minimal (Check here). In this blog, we have shared some reasons to get your iPhone fixed.

Screen Replacement

iPhone screen replacement

Below are the top 3 reasons to opt for battery replacement service:

Damaged Screen Can Hamper Your First Impression

An age-old adage says “ Your first impression is your last”. Say suppose, you are in a meeting with a potential client and your phone rang, he saw your iPhone’s shattered screen just think about what would be your impression in his mind? Give it a thought once. Refusing or delaying spending $ 100 can cost you 100 times more in the long run. If you are looking for a genuine iPhone repair shop then look no further. Senor Phone provides an iPhone screen replacement service at an affordable price.

Damaged Screen Is Injurious To Your Health

A cracked iPhone screen is potent to injure you in many ways. A cracked screen has sharp edges, it can bruise your ears or chin easily. Moreover, it becomes almost impossible to read the text on the screen and causes undue strain on the eyes as you try to decipher the text underneath the cracks.  Tell me one thing, is your health costlier than $ 100? Quantify the cost of repair and your health then take the decision.

Broken Screen Reduces Resale Value

In case if you are looking for an upgrade and want to sell or trade your old iPhone whose screen is shattered then you need to repair it first to get a handsome resale value.

Battery Replacement

iPhone battery replacement

Below are the top 3 reasons to opt for battery replacement service:

Battery Health Check (From Settings)

Unlock your phone, open Settings, tap on the battery, go to Battery Health and see find the Maximum Capacity. Adjacent to the Maximum Capacity section you will find percentages. It indicates the battery’s health, lower the percentage, deteriorated will be the health of a battery. If the battery’s health is worst you may see a notification (on top of the same window) that indicates service/replace your iPhone’s battery.

You will also agree with us that this is the most easiest and quickest way to check the battery health of your iPhone.


One of the obvious signs of a faulty battery is overheating. If your phone catches heat while charging then you need to run for a battery replacement. Don’t delay or refuse, it may affect other components of your phone.

Unexpected Shutdown

When you find your iPhone shuts down unexpectedly even when the battery is charged then give it a try to calibrate the battery. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do it:

  1. Use your iPhone until shuts down due to low battery
  2. Plug the charger and let it charge fully.
  3. Soft reset your iPhone

Once you do it, use your iPhone for a prolonged time. If it still shuts down unexpectedly then you must consider replacing the battery.  

Summing Up

It is always better to repair it now than later otherwise you may have to spend more. In the worst case, you have to replace your iPhone. To prevent the same, visit the best iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas and get screen/battery replacement service for your iPhone.

all you need to know about las vegas repair shops

All You Need To Know About iPhone/iPad Repair Shop In Las Vegas

You will find many iPhone/iPad repair shops in Las Vegas and the surrounding area where they claim to fix your phone perfectly. But those are hollow promises, they don’t transform their words into practice. We, at Senor Phone, do what it takes to fix your iPhone as promised by our team. Our team of technicians knows how to repair your phone completely. You can judge our expertise by reading the below article

Services Offered By iPhone/iPad Repair Shop In Las Vegas

Below is the list of services that we deal into:

Screen Replacement

The screen is the most delicate part of any smartphone. Despite being toughened it is prone to scratches and breakage. Did you break your screen too? Are you looking for ways to fix it by yourself? You will end up spending more money. How much does a professional iPhone fix cost you? What do you think? Find our prices here. Gone are the days when screen replacement was cost as equivalent to the price of the new phone.     

You might think to use the phone just the way it is (with a cracked screen) and upgrade it later. But my friend, you are on the losing side. As we all know, a screen is made from glass, when it’s cracked it is as sharp as a knife so, it may bruise your ear while talking over a phone. If you continue using it can damage the digitizer (it converts touch into electric signals) also. 

Back Glass Repair

Backglass is housing for electronic components and cameras. In previous models of iPhones, the body was either made of plastic or aluminum. There was a quality issue with the plastic body and the aluminum body wasn’t compatible with wireless charging. So, Apple rolled out glass housing in newer models. If it gets broken, better to take it to the expert than finding DIY on Google and trying to repair it by yourself, you may end up damaging the camera. We fix the iPhone’s back glass by employing Laser technology. We remove shattered back glass by evaporating it in such a way that not a single speck of glass is left behind. 

iPhone Carrier Unlock

When you buy an iPhone from a specific career or official Apple store it comes with a locked career. In layman’s terms, it means neither you can use others’ career service, nor can you change SIM while traveling abroad. If you want to change your cellular network provider then you need to get it unlocked first. It is only possible that either you have made full payment of your phone or your contract with a career company has come to an end. Once it is unlocked, you can switch to other cellular networks without any restrictions. Our iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas can unlock your iPhone or Samsung phone within 30 minutes. 

Wrapping Up 

Nowadays, the iPhone fix is affordable and quick. Don’t hold yourself back, find the best iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas and get your phone repaired. If you are busy, call us at +1 (702)-330-0725 and we will visit you and fix your phone on the spot.


A Definitive Guide To Fixing iPad, iPhone, Or Any Other Phone Near You

repair my iphone las vegas

Is your iPhone troubling you? Don’t know what’s wrong with it? Then, this article is for you! Here, you will know what to do if your screen iPhone’s screen gets damaged or the battery draining quickly. Read this article and thank us later! 

Senor Phone: iPhone/iPad Repair Shop Near You

At Senor Phone in Las Vegas, we offer a holistic repair service for all brands of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. If your gadget has put you in the trouble then bring it to our store and get it repaired. Our repair services restore your gadget in such a way it functions like brand new. Read more about our top iPhone repair service here: 

Screen Replacement

Having a cracked iPhone screen is no less than a nightmare as it invites heavy expenses. Wait, we have some ways that save can your bucks. Do you know you can buy a screen repairing kit online? This kit comes with all the tools and spare parts that are required to mend your iPhone. What if you end up damaging your phone? If it happens, you need to pay a heavy price for your mistake. Better to take your mobile to Senor Phone, to locate us on maps, search ‘fix iPhone near me’. 

Battery Replacement

How one can know whether you need a battery replacement or not? Battery draining quickly, correct? That’s the obvious sign! Apart from that? Any idea? Let me tell you now, slow performance is also a sign of deteriorated health of a battery. Apple has admitted that they have slowed down the performance of processors of older iPhones to prevent the overwhelming battery and unexpected shutdown. In this case, you have two choices, either to buy a new iPhone or replace the battery. In my opinion, replacing the battery would be pocket-friendly. And Senor Phone is the best store for the same. We can replace it in less than 30 minutes! Lightning Speed, Ah?

Summing Up

In final words, we would like to tell you that screen damage and the old battery is not considered as a major issue.  Get it repaired and save $1000. If you are looking for the best store that can fix your iPhone nearby, look no further, visit Senor Phone today! 


All You Need To Know About 3 Common Repairs in iPhone & Samsung Phone

Technicians of Senor iPhone repairs both iPhone & Samsung on a daily basis. But we would like you to know that there are certain repairs we make more often than the others. That also means, if you want to save some bucks then prevent these problems from happening with your smartphone. 

Preventing all the damages to Samsung or iPhone is highly unlikely because we all make mistakes, this is the tendency of humans. But you don’t need to worry about the cost incurred in repairing your Samsung phone or iPhone. 

Fact – Approximately 45% of smartphone owners damage their phones accidentally.  

Here are the 3 common repairs of the iPhone and Samsung that we make more frequently. 

Battery Replacement 

The phone’s battery provides juice to electronic components and keeps your phone running throughout the day. If the battery is not operating properly consequently your phone will not be able to function for a prolonged time. This problem is commonly seen in Samsung phones and older iPhones. Luckily, Apple has introduced a Battery Health feature that allows you to keep track of the health of your phone’s battery. If you want the battery to last longer, avoid using the phone while charging. In spite of taking preventative measures, your phone’s battery health is deteriorating, then visit our shop ASAP! We fix your iPhones as well as Samsung Phones in your budget. 

Blown Charging Ports 

If you are facing trouble while charging your phone then it can be due to various things but the common most reason behind faulty charging ports are dust, debris, stuck metallic elements. In the worst case, it can also cause short-circuit inside the motherboard. Getting cleaned the port from experts may work sometimes but it is best to replace the charging port. At Senor iPhone, we repair iPhones as well as Samsung phones at economical prices so visit our store today.   

Water Damage Treatment 

Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet or a puddle? What was your reaction? What did you do with your wet phone? Don’t tell me you tried to charge or turn on your phone. If you did so, it’s time to say adieu to your phone. When the water seeped inside the circuit it works as a conductor and carries the current which causes overload in the circuit consequently, the motherboard starts frying. 

There are plenty of tutorials floating around on ‘How To Fix Water Damaged Phone’ they suggest refrigerating your phone or keep it in the microwave but my friend, don’t ever fall into such traps. Refrigeration can turn water (inside the phone) into ice, once it is back to room temperature, you are at square one. Heating your phone in a microwave can erupt a fire so, don’t do it in your dreams also.  

Quick Tip – Putting your phone in a rice bag may absorb water up to some extent but that’s not the ultimate solution. 

It is a wise decision to take your phone to an expert and let them do their job. At Senor iPhone, we repair Samsung phones along with iPhone. Visit our store now to save your phone.  

Over To You

If your phone is facing some issues then do not try to fix it by yourself. You may end up spending more on repairing your iPhone/Samsung Phone. It is advisable to take it to our store and get it repaired. 


3 Common Troubleshooting Techniques To Fix Your iPhone

Do you have an iPhone? Is your iPhone not working properly? Don’t worry, in this guide, you will learn some DIY tricks to fix your iPhone without spending a dollar.

iPhone is a premium smartphone and so is the spare parts and repairing cost, especially the iPhone screen repair. A mobile screen is delicate and prone to scratches, so it is better to toughen it rather than spending bucks on repairing an iPhone screen. Following is the list of 4 common iPhone problems and their troubleshooting techniques. 

iPhone App Crashing Often 

Let’s be honest, app crashing problem we all have faced sometime or the other. The good thing is that you and I can solve this problem easily. In most cases, an app tends to freeze when it is outdated or when the cache memory is full. So, there are two possible solutions to fix your iPhone i.e open the App Store, click on Updates, and download the updated version (make sure your iPhone is connected to the internet). If the problem persists you offload the app and then try reinstalling it. 

repair iphone screen

Cracked iPhone Screen 

There is nothing worse than a cracked iPhone screen, right? A cracked screen comes with a hefty repairing cost but there is a way to save some bucks. Screen repairing kits are available in the market, you can buy that kit and repair your iPhone screen. We advise you not to pursue such an adventure if you are not a geek. You may end up damaging other components so it is best to visit our store and get your iPhone screen repaired at a lesser cost than the kit.

iPhone Freeze At Apple Logo 

This is one of the most common problems experienced by iPhone users. Luckily, it can be fixed quickly if you are aware of the solution, if not, don’t worry. We are here for you! You need to hard reset your iPhone but wait, do you have a backup of data? Hard resetting your iPhone will wipe all the data from your phone. In order to fix your iPhone without losing your data visit our store.

How To Hard Reset Your iPhone? 

Before proceeding to hard resetting, switch off your phone and then do the following process. 

  • iPhone 6s or earlier: Press and hold the home button along with the power button for a few seconds. 
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the side button and the volume down button together.  
  • iPhone 8 or Later: Press the Volume Up button and release. Quickly press the Volume Down button and release it. Now, press and hold the side button (power) until your device reboots.  

Over To You

Hoping that your problem is solved. If you are still struggling to fix your iPhone or want to repair your iPhone screen then visit Senor iPhone in Las Vegas. Our expert technicians can repair your smartphone in just 30 minutes. Whether it is a common iPhone fix or anything else, we can repair it at a reasonable cost.