how to choose the best case for your smartphone

How To Choose The Best Phone Case For Your Smartphone?

Choosing the right phone case for your Samsung or iPhone is crucial. Failing to find the right phone cover means your hard-earned money is tossed in the trash. Read the following check-list to confirm whether you are buying an ideal Case or not:

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Phone Case

Usually, what people look at while buying a phone cover for their smartphone is the design. Though the design is one of the factors to be considered, there are other important factors too. Here are a few things that you need to consider before buying a phone case for your iPhone or Samsung Phone.

1. Price

Every commodity has its own intrinsic value. Manufacturers/dealers add their profits on the intrinsic value, we all know that. That is how business functions. But paying way too much higher is foolishness. Do your market research but remember you will get the best offers on iPhone Case at Senor iPhone only.

2. Do Your Market Research 

Let’s say you really liked a Case and the price is also reasonable but wait! Don’t purchase it directly. Ask a friend if they have bought a similar product,  check reviews online on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. If you feel people are satisfied with the product then go for it.

3. Defects

Before buying Samsung Cases, check whether it is tested for quality or not. You will find a sticker with “Ok Tested” most probably on the rear side of the phone case. If it is there buy it immediately, otherwise you need to inspect the quality. Following things you need to check:

  • Design consistency
  • Color consistency
  • The precision of cut-outs for charging port, headphone, lock button, and volume buttons 
  • Stiffness of cover over cut-outs (if any)

4. Protection Provided

The level of protection required depends upon how careful you are while handling your phone. You don’t need to spend much on protection if you are cautious enough. In case you are clumsy, we would recommend you to invest in a Hard Case rather than spending on repairs. A Hard Case is the best fit for you because it can survive a drop on concrete without causing any damage to your phone.

5. Additional Features Provided

Who doesn’t like to have extra? Check, is there any additional feature your desired phone cover provides, if yes, you are lucky. Some cases come with 360* degree hinges, a pop-out stand, a selfie holder, and whatnot. Know what is your requirement and note it down in your checklist.

Let’s Call It An End

If you want to buy a new phone case for your iPhone or Samsung phone then you need to try each case by hand then only you’ll know whether it is perfect or not. Our recommendation is to visit the Senor iPhone store and buy your ideal iPhone Case or Samsung Case from our wide range of Cases.

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