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How To Find The Best Phone Case For Secret Santa Gift

iphone case - phone case

Have you ever been acquainted with someone who dislike gifts? Naah? Neither do we! On odd days we often forget to surprise our loved ones but Christmas is an opportunity to make your loved one feel special with a gift. It doesn’t mean you have to present them with a new car or a house. We know your loved one values your emotions, not the price tag of the gift. A gift is something that reminds them of you every moment. What’s better than a phone case? People always keep their phones around them, a phone case will surely remind them of you.

If you have made mind to buy a phone case for a Secret Santa gift then keep the following things in mind before buying:

Protection Offered

Every phone case offers a varying degree of protection against bumps and scratches. How sturdy the Case is, will depend on the material used. Our heart comes to the mouth when it falls on the ground. Whether it is iPhone or Samsung both are vulnerable to breakage. But having a phone cover can absorb the impact and save your loved one’s phone.

Additional Features   

Look for the feature your loved one would love to use. There are many features to choose from. Here is the list of some of the hot-favorite features of a phone case:

  • Battery Pack
  • Pocket to keep credit card/cash
  • Earphone holder
  • Airpods holder
  • Stand (For handsfree binge-watching)

Choose the phone case of your loved one considering their habits. This special feature gives a touch of personalization and, believe us, this is  gonna spark a pool of emotion for you because you cared for their inclination.

Inclusive of Screen Protector

The more you use your smartphone, you are more likely to drop it. If your loved one is someone who keeps their smartphone around 24/7 then you opt for a case that comes with a screen protector. You may find it relatively more costly but it is worth spending. It is better to spend money on prevention than mending a screen.

Materials Used

A Phone Case comes in a variety of materials such as Silicone, TPU, Leather, and polycarbonate. Each of these materials has unique characteristics and finish. To select the best Cover for your dear friend or parents then you should know their choice. We know it is difficult but can’t help it. If it is really confusing then don’t hesitate to ask them straightforwardly.

Case Styling

There are many options available in the market to choose from. Likewise, Back Plate case, Wallet Case, Vertical Flip Case, and Shockproof. Case styling should be such that it must sync with your lifestyle. For example, if someone has rough use then they should consider buying flip covers which safeguard the screen and body as well.

Bottom Line

We know it is quite a challenging case to choose a perfect phone case for your beloved but you should pass through it and that is how you will make them feel special. Buy iPhone Case or Samsung Case from Senor iPhone store only. We have a surprise for you. Visit our store to know more.

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