When You Need To Replace Screen & Battery In Your iPhone

Apple is the world’s largest mobile company. It is well known for its innovation in the making of petite smartphones. Even today, the company is investing after being the leader in the smartphone industry. People prefer to buy to iPhone due to robust battery backup and extra widescreen. But wait, do you know when the battery and screen have to be replaced?

4 Signs You Need Battery Replacement Service ASAP!

Unexpected Shut Down

When the charge is left in the battery but then also your phone gets shut down unexpectedly is a sign of a faulty battery. Try replacing your third-party charger with the original Apple charger. If the problem still persists consider replacing the battery at the earliest.

Your iPhone Is Hitting High Temperature

Your iPhone’s battery generates heat when being charged, this is due to resistance. But, these batteries are engineered to internalize the heat and not to dissipating the same to other electronics components. If you feel your phone is getting hotter then you need to run to replace the batteries because it may explode (happened in some cases).

Your iPhone Getting Sluggish (For iPhone 6 and later models only)

If you are using iPhone or later models, you might have observed that your phone either stops responding or takes relatively more time to execute a particular process. This happens mainly due to the latest feature of the iPhone that prevents overwhelming battery. This feature kicks in only when the battery could not fulfill the energy requirement of the processor.

Your Dead iPhone Got Juice Immediately After Charging

Normally, when iPhone turns on and after 2-3 minutes battery percentage starts to increase.  Pay attention when you keep your iPhone in charging after being dead. If you see 5%  (for example) immediately after turning on, it means the battery has deteriorated. Consider replacing iPhone’s battery now.

iPhone battery replacement

4 Signs You Need To Repair Your iPhone’s Screen Quickly

iPhone screen replacement

Lagging Response

Is your iPhone doesn’t responding? Did you try again? People get confused when the touch screen doesn’t function as it should. They think RAM is overburdened, often the problem lies in the screen. If this is the case with your iPhone, do visit our store and opt for screen replacement.

Touch Malfunctioning

Did you see your iPhone opening random applications without your command? Is iPhone dialing phone numbers? This is not less than a nightmare, right? Don’t worry there is no ghost inside your phone. You just need to get your screen replaced.

Screen Patches

You might have seen small patches on the screen that obstructs your vision. No, that’s not the dirt so don’t try to wash it off (Joking!). This is the major sign of screen failure. It also prevents you from registering the touch. You cannot fix it yourself. The only option left for you is to get a screen replacement service from Senor Phone.

Color quality

iPhone’s screen quality is crystal-clear. You can clearly differentiate between the same color of different shades. If you notice a dull image or some of the color doesn’t seem as it should. Then, it is a sign of the screen with reduced ability to adjust a variety of color brightness.

That’s All From From Our End

If you notice any of the signs with your iPhone then connect with us for iPhone screen or battery replacement. We can fix it within 30 minutes, within your budget, and assured quality.

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