iPhone Repair

As one of Las Vegas’s best-reviewed iPhone repair services, Senor iPhone knows that your phone is more than just a device. When you get right down to it, your phone represents your ability to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, customers, employees, and the broader community. It single-handedly offers up opportunity. And yet, your phone means even more than that, doesn’t it? Just as the widespread availability of the automobile meant newfound mobility and freedom for midcentury America, the iPhone has come to mean something similar to us today. 

Senor iPhone treats your repair accordingly. 

At Senor iPhone, we proudly provide customers with our undivided attention and complete expertise, fixing everything from your phone’s front screen and backglass to your charging port, speaker, and microphone. If your device’s glass screen cracks or chips, our expert technicians have the capacity to replace the glass and in most cases can do so in under an hour. The charge port, microphone, and speaker are common repairs for iPhones as well, but please be advised: only proven professionals should handle the repair job. 

At Senor iPhone, our work speaks for itself. Thankfully, our customers have been good enough to speak on our behalf as well. Our team’s 5-Star rating is a testament to our dedication. Whether you have an iPhone 11 or an older model, we are prepared to get right down to business. 

The Las Vegas area is brimming with iPhone repair services. What separates Senor iPhone from the competition, however, is our attention to detail, dedicated customer care, and willingness to regularly update our skill set so that we can continue to deliver the turnaround times that our customers depend on. We know how many times a day your phone’s charging port, speaker, and microphone gets used. We appreciate the fact that a cracked screen, whether it’s your front screen or backglass, really puts you out of commission when you rely on it for work, commuting, banking, communication, and entertainment. At Senor iPhone, that understanding serves as a guiding principle of all our repair services. Is your iPhone damaged, unresponsive, or just not charging? We know how stressful it can be. Not to worry—Senor iPhone is ready to repair! Save money and extend the life of your iPhone with repair service by Senor iPhone.          

iPhone Back Glass Repairs

iPhone Back Glass Repairs

iPhone Back Glass Repairs

So you’ve cracked the back glass of your iPhone. We bet you didn’t even know it was made of glass until it broke. It’s a bit of a silly design in our opinion, but Apple doesn’t design devices for practical repair purposes. They design them to maximize aesthetics. We also have a hunch that glass was used to better support wireless charging on all newer models.

In any case, what are your options with such damage?

Well, you can take it to the Apple store. We’ll save you a trip and tell you what Apple will say. Apple does not repair the back glass. They will simply offer to replace the entire device, even if this is the only issue. A replacement device through Apple will run you anywhere from $349 to $599. All for a piece of cracked glass?! That’s madness!

The back glass is cemented to the aluminum frame of the iPhone, and removing it is next to impossible even with pretty intense heat. This is one of the main reasons that this repair is not offered by Apple, wireless carriers, or even most repair shops.