iPhone Back Glass Repairs

iPhone Back Glass Repairs

iPhone Back Glass Repairs

So you’ve cracked the back glass of your iPhone. We bet you didn’t even know it was made of glass until it broke. It’s a bit of a silly design in our opinion, but Apple doesn’t design devices for practical repair purposes. They design them to maximize aesthetics. We also have a hunch that glass was used to better support wireless charging on all newer models.

In any case, what are your options with such damage?

Well, you can take it to the Apple store. We’ll save you a trip and tell you what Apple will say. Apple does not repair the back glass. They will simply offer to replace the entire device, even if this is the only issue. A replacement device through Apple will run you anywhere from $349 to $599. All for a piece of cracked glass?! That’s madness!

The back glass is cemented to the aluminum frame of the iPhone, and removing it is next to impossible even with pretty intense heat. This is one of the main reasons that this repair is not offered by Apple, wireless carriers, or even most repair shops.

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